"We all know Jeff's songs are incredibly infectious but as I help produce his record I am finding a depth and character within his lyrics that keeps blindsiding me. These are songs I wish I'd written."

- Scott Mickelson, musician, producer


"Memorable melodies that turn into hooks and a super honest delivery makes [Jeff the] complete package."

- Jeff Campbell


"Jeff Desira is a songwriter I am going to be keeping my eye on - no doubt we all will. His star is on the rise here in the Bay Area."

- Andrew Griffin (Felsen, Cake, Camper Van Beethoven)


"In a sea of indie singers, it’s easy to get lost. Especially in a city as large as San Francisco. I had the great fortune to have stumbled upon Jeff Desira whilst cruising the indie scene. Immediately, his catchy acoustic ballads stood out in a sea of other singer/songwriters."

- Corie Schwabenland, WMATT

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